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At The Church of God of the Union Assembly at Knoxville, we proudly celebrate over one hundred years of holiness preaching by faithful men of God.  As part of an Assembly founded on God's word, Knoxville has proved dedicated to reaching the world and serving God's people. As guardians of the gospel, we are committed to the cause of Jesus Christ through the mission of His church. 

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The mission of the The Church of God of the Union Assembly, Inc. is as follows:


We will preach tirelessly the everlasting, life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ as the only hope for eternal life.


We will teach by our words and actions, those who will see and hear, the precepts and principles in God's word that will equip the hearer to live godly, productive lives so that they may bring honor to Christ and His church.


We will reach with every resource, to those believers whose faith is weak, whose spirit is tired, and whose light has grown dim. 

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